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After the musician and the instrument, the acoustic environment has the strongest influence on a recording. We have direct access to some great sounding locations.

The qualities we look for in special and often large spaces is not necessarily a great reverberation, but the special mood and therefore the inspiration that comes from these places, as well as their acoustic openness due to the absence of hard reflective walls.

Here you can see some rooms that we like to use for recordings.

Recording room Sternwald Trio

Perfect acoustics, perfect instruments and a view into the Black Forest

The Sternwald Trio recording room is a dream for any pianist and chamber ensemble. The two concert pianos (Steinway D 274 & Bechstein D 282) play perfectly and sound, each for itself, just wonderful. A wide range of color can be achieved.

With a ceiling height of about 4 meters, with various slopes and a floor space of about 120 square meters, the reverberation radius is large enough to exclude unpleasant direct reflections The acoustics of the room can be made very variable with mobile absorbers. The room itself has a very balanced impulse response. Emotional, accurate and transparent recordings with "air" can be realized here in the best possible way.

Concert Church in Müllheim

Inspiration in optics and acoustics

The Martins church in Müllheim is one of our favorite recording locations. The church was built in the twelfth century. Everything in this wonderful building inspires: The medieval valuable frescoes, the old stone walls and wooden ceilings and of course the breathtaking acoustics in the choir room. Here the sound is very direct, precise with a wonderful spatiality. If you place a surround microphone (for example a Hamasaki-Square) in the nave, you get a wonderful natural reverb that is variable in its reverberation length.

Its rather large reverberation radius also makes it excellent for close, "in your face" recordings. But its true strength is as a recording venue for fine acoustic ensembles that place great value on inspired, collaborative interpretation, and where the warmth, precision and spaciousness of this acoustic location is the acoustic representation of their music.

Concert Church in Müllheim

...also for special concerts

After a recording session, the Martins church is also excellent as a very good sounding concert hall. There is room for 291 seats. Acoustic music can be performed unamplified due to the excellent acoustics. Should amplification be necessary, our high-quality equipment fits perfectly into the acoustics here as well. The equipment available is a well intonated Kawai grand piano.

As a concert hall offers the Church of St. Martin:

  • Barrier-free access
  • Daylight
  • Artist wardrobes
  • Public transportation and free parking in the immediate vicinity
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Flexible room layout
  • Special ambience
  • Excellent acoustics

Freiburg Cathedral

Home of the internationally known all boys choir

The Freiburg Cathedral "Unserer Lieben Frau" is the cathedral of the Archdiocese of Freiburg. In addition, the cathedral is a national cultural monument with the "most beautiful tower on earth" and is one of the few large Gothic church buildings that were completed in the Middle Ages and survived the numerous wars almost intact.

Great recordings of sacred music were made here.

The long reverberation time of Freiburg Cathedral is both a blessing and a curse for a sound engineer. We have the experience of how an intimate toucing sound and at the same time an infinite depth can be captured here. Our organ and orchestra recordings from here are internationally known and renowned.

Please understand that Freiburg Cathedral is a religious place. Recordings and concerts are only possible in coordination with the Archdiocese of Freiburg and must be subordinate to church procedures.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Life End

Excellent recordings can also be achieved directly in our own rooms. With a ceiling height of 3.90 meters, a floor area of approx. 40 square meters and various slopes, the recording room offers very good basic conditions. Furthermore, it is acoustically optimized with different broadband absorbers and difussors. Standing waves or modes are effectively combated with active absorbers from PSI. This results in a uniform impulse response across all frequencies. Here, individual instruments can be played with time and immediately cross-checked via various monitoring systems.

In addition to a great sounding Schimmel piano, basses and percussion instruments, there is an extensively configured recording system with a Doepfer 88 key hammer action keyboard as well as an SSL 76 key hammer action keyboard with a large number of high quality virtual instruments.

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