You can do it in the mix...

It really wouldn’t be right to say that all the recording mistakes in a song could be fixed in the mixing process. However, it is possible with the tools available today, to easily make pitch and even rhythmical adjustments, but often enough, the all-around sound and musicality of the song suffer as a result. Using these tricks should, therefore, always be a very last option.

In the mix we create space for the individual instruments; we correct - if necessary - the dynamics of the individual tracks and strengthen their color with careful usage of high-quality analog or digital equalizers and other equipment in our studio.

To get a transparent mix, we automatize every single track, rather than simply compress the music as a whole. Our high-quality reverb algorithms and impulse responses effects taken from both hard and software sources, help us to give these tracks the proper "space" they need to get the best sound possible in the mix.

Our main goal is to create an enveloping but transparent mix with excellent localisation of the instruments. We achieve this by using the whole stereo width to bring out the micro dynamic structures. For the correct positioning of every track, we not only use left and right panning, but also "running time" stereo, for sensible reasons, as well.

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