Boris Böhmann

As cathedral music director, Professor Boris Böhmann masters the tension between musicality, choral conducting and working with children. Under his leadership, the Freiburg Cathedral Boys' Choir became known all over the world. It is fantastic how many great and beautiful concerts on a high level Boris Böhmann has achieved. With an awareness of good tempos and captivating dynamics, he succeeds in bringing great works with outstanding musicians to Freiburg in the Münster. He finds a wonderful approach to the children through his lovable and mischievous manner.

We are happy about the many joint projects, which always have a spark of special musicality.

Christine Deerly

captures highly emotional moments with a warm, soft, and rich timbre. Her powerful, yet versatile voice, is probably what enables her to sing so many different styles of music professionally. The gospel & jazz singer has evolved further which has led her down classical paths lately, most recently into old music...:)

Florian Doeling

Double and electric bassist, composer, lyricist, arranger, conductor and lecturer performs with jazz formations and various project formations of all styles. He has released several CDs. In 1999 he received the "Tent Music Festival Award" for his composition and band work. Recently, he has been devoting more time to concertizing as a (contra) bassist. His range extends from medival jazz in larger formations to smaller trios of the Max Zentawer Trio and duos with Mike Schweizer, Michael Kiedaisch and Tilman Günther.

We got to know Florian as a creative head with a clear vision and with an excellent ear. @Florian: We enjoyed the production of the album "Keep The Beauty" and we believe it has become something special.

Aniko Drabon

is an exceptional musician. She is a virtuoso concert pianist, and gives children the opportunity to experience music with all their senses. Her teaching method "piano enchantment" shows us how high musical standards paired with a serious amount of fun, can get music geniuses on their way at an early age. We were lucky to meet her and her husband in the eased atmosphere of her very own studio, working as the perfectionist we know and appreciate today, completely in her element.
@ Aniko: The arrangements and cd production with you has been great, and we are still enjoying the musical snacks... :-)

Tilman Günther

Tilman Günther is an outstanding jazz pianist from the Freiburg area. He studied in Munich and then played in various formations such as the Stafford James Trio, the Zipflo Reinhardt Quartet, the Rainer Pusch Quartet, the Peter Bockius Quintet and many more. Various guest performances in Europe and Asia brought him together with musicians such as Herbie Man, Paul Horn, Didier Lockwood, Birelli Lagrene, Silvain Luc, John Schröder, Nigel Kennedy and many other jazz greats. His melodic improvisations coupled with his very relaxed yet groovy timing makes for his infectious playing.
@Tilman: The two concerts in the Black Forest were wonderful :)

Albrecht Haaf

is otherwise known as the "King of Crossover" in southwest Germany. Award winning composer, arranger, choir director, flutist, pianist and more. We hardly know a musician who is more broadly based. He feels as much at home in the Renaissance music scene with Spielleyt, as he does at the grand piano playing a jazz standard. Albrecht received numerous awards for his compositions and arrangements. Markgraeflerland, and especially Müllheim, can be happy to have such a bustling music school and chamber choir director, and simply a good composer and musician like Albrecht.
@Albrecht: It was a very good thing that my family met yours years ago, making music. Working with you - no matter in which constellation - is a great pleasure.

Jutta Haaf

is, in diverse ensembles, the stable and dependable link who uses her fine and sensible skills to remind her fellow colleagues, again and again, just exactly what she and they are capable of. Whether on the harp, grand piano or zither, she has traveled as a musician since more than 20 years successfully with her ensemble “Spiellyt” across the planet!

Sarah Immer

Free flow is her motto! And that is exactly how we experienced the virtuosity and expressiveness of her improvisational skills, heard again and again in her wide range of classic violin works, and jazz. @sarah: Still cherishing the musical aftermath of Matthias’ 50th...!

Stefan Kießling

Stefan is active worldwide as a concert organist & harpsichordist. From 2009-2018 he worked as an organist at the Thomaskirche in Leipzig. Before that he was in Cottbus and at the Braunschweig Cathedral. Engagements took him to well-known places like St. Thomas Church New York, Washington National Cathedral, Westminster Abbey und St. Paul's Kathedrale London.
We got to know Stefan as a very special talent: Music, physics and computer science are rarely found in one person. In addition to his concert activities, Stefan develops complex simulations for acoustic problems that are actually used in practice (also by us).
@Stefan: It is a pleasure to have met you :)

Matthias Kläger

is a classical guitarist and professor at the Academy of Music in both Zürich and Freiburg. We were lucky enough to record his virtuose guitar playing for the first time with Sarah Immer in their Duette “Duo Misteriosa Vida”.

Andreas Martin

is world famous for his interpretation of “The Lute Works” from Johann Sebastian Bach. The reference recording has acclaimed him international praise from critics across the world earning him the highest possible rating a musician can receive: Five stars from Goldberg’s magazine. @ Andreas: Sending heartfelt greetings to you in Spain!

Wolfgang Schwarzmüller

is not just an exceptional violinist (First Violin for SWR Symphony Orchestra), but also a jack-of-all-trades in instrumental and hifi development, in which his perfectly pitched ears serve him well, in more ways than one. His thirst for music is never ending ... A true inspiration. @ Wolfgang; It‘s a pleasure to know you.

Alexander Sokolv

His touching arrangements of Beautiful Love and Aqua de Bebe remain forever in our hearts, the latter currently hearable on qmc’s webpage. An amazing guitar talent. Sadly, we’ve seen too less of him!

Warm regards to you, Sascha, in Moskau.

Tilo Wachter

is probably the man on Hang. His hypnotic way of playing takes listeners deep into a whole new world of sound. An unforgettable experience! But to make music with him on other percussion is also a real pleasure.

Jörgen Welander

plays the bass line, namely on electric bass and tuba! Jörgen is an excellent musician, and most likely one of just a handful of tubists playing funk professionally. Unbelievable, but true, how virtuos he plays the tuba to every kind of music under the sun.

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