Our Offer - Your Investition

1. Mastering

For the final polish of your music, we first listen to your music to look for recording and mixing errors. Where corrections are possible without negative side effects, we will make them using the appropriate tools. In the event of more serious problems, we will contact you to discuss the next steps. We will be happy to give you tips for corrections in the recording or in the mix.

Mastering includes dynamic EQing, level and dynamic corrections, optimization of macrodynamics, possible sqeezing and musical pause design. For CD premastering, we also create a DDP master. For this, we embed metadata such as title, work, composer, performer, soloists, ISRC and EAN data as well as the label code required for monetization directly into the press-ready DDP format. We can process PCM files up to 786 kHz and are MfiT-certified for the Apple MusicStore.

CD Album, 79 minutes maximimum duration

€ 500,00

CD Maxi, 25 minutes maximum duration

€ 220,00

Single Title

€ 80,00

Additional work (edits, restoration, etc.) by arrangement

€ 90,00 / h

2. Surroundproduktionen / Atmos

We specialized in surround productions early on and made our first surround recordings back in the 1990s. To create a surround master on DVD audio or Bluray, we need 5.1 PCM files in WAV or CAF format. For mastering and the creation of a distributable Atmos file, we require an Atmos ADM BWD file. We optimize your music for binaural Atmos enjoyment with headphones while fully preserving a discrete 5.1 or 7.1 experience.

For special requests in Suround / 3-D questions, please contact us directly.

Premaster for DVD Audio albums

€ 700,00

Mastering single Atmos Title

€ 100,00

Additional work (i.e. correction of object panning, track alignment, etc.)

€ 90 / h

3. Mixing

We are happy to accept your stems as well as your tracks and produce your mix according to your ideas. We use state of the art plugins "in the box" (WEISS, UAD, Softube, Fabfilter, PA, etc.) as well as the highest quality hardware (Millennia, DBX, Manley, Lexicon, Bricasti). Please talk to us directly to establish a common understanding of your desired mix. Please understand that we reserve the right not to mix and master all tracks. From our point of view, a deep understanding of the genre is necessary for a great mix..

We need your tracks as uncompressed, non-nomalized PCM files in 24-bit quality as WAV, CAF, AIFF, FLAC or ALAC. You will receive an interim result after 2 hours of work, on the basis of which you can continue or end the collaboration.

One hour of mixing

€ 90 / h

4. Recordings

We specialize in high-quality recordings in all possible stereo, surround or 3D formats. We are happy to come to your desired location. We can also offer you outstanding sounding recording rooms. Prices vary depending on the use of different rooms, microphones and preamps as well as travel costs. Please do not hesitate to contact us; we will then work with you to design your perfect recording.

Further studio work on request.

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