Qmc brings out all the colour of your music

We love music. We also love the perfect sound. This means we are not only willing to go the extra mile for a good take, but also for the roundness, wideness and deepness that belongs in the mix. It is of upmost importance to us that we present you a master that‘s not just loud, but rather one that is able to expose the fine and special dynamical finesse of your music. qmc offers the complete production process from beginning to end, starting with a concept, the recording, mixing and master all the way to distributing your best musical moments to the public.

qmc produced a wide range of musical genres, ranging from small acoustic ensembles, to intelligently advanced, high-quality pop music. But producing classical Orchestras and choirs of 150 or more musicians is a challenge we‘ve accepted as well, with enthusiasm. We are proud to have produced some reference recordings, even in the opinion of some professional audioand music journals. Music is our passion, and you‘ll surely hear our pride in the following recording examples.

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